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vinyes de tardor

the vines

In the old vines that we cultivate with the trellis system, we find a selection of noble varieties well adapted to this area. All, moreover, with great aromatic and taste potential.

In red grapes, we have the most traditional varieties, such as Grenache and Ull de Llebre, which are combined with other internationally recognized varieties, such as Merlot and Syrah.

In a smaller proportion we also have the white and most typical variety of the DO Costers del Segre, Macabeu, which we combine with Riesling and small-grain Muscat.

All of them with a high quality potential to obtain young and aging wines that will be the true image of our Cellar.

The climate is of continental influence, with rigorously cold and wet winters, characterized by the classic freezing fogs of this Ebro valley, and with very hot and dry summers.

During the ripening period of the grapes, the climate is very important to achieve a good quality of the fruit. In our area close to the city of Lleida, the very high temperatures during the day and low at night, with a thermal jump that oscillates between 10 and 15ºC, favor a greater extraction of color and a better aromatic capacity of the grape.

imatge àrea de la finca

The Finca

The estate is located in the north-west of the city of Lleida, in the area known as Partida de Torres de Sanui within the vegetable gardens that surround the capital.

According to the history books, it was in this place where, in 49 BC, the famous battle of Ilerda was fought between the armies of Julius Caesar and his general Cnaeo Pompey during the second civil war of Roman Empire.

Dominated by the hill of Les Torres, our land is located on a plateau, about 270 meters above sea level, and presents great natural beauty and an extraordinarily rich and diverse ecosystem.

The farm is in one piece and has an extension of more than 10 hectares planted with vines of various varieties of white and red grapes that surround the Celler, in addition to olive trees, fruit trees and land – now wasteland – dedicated to other crops, basically fodder and cereals.

With semi-deep soils of clay-limestone texture and a good mineral composition, the land becomes an ideal environment to obtain balanced grapes of very good quality.